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How Do Chloroplasts Capture Energy from the Sun?

Plant cells and some algae contain an organelle called the chloroplast. Chloroplasts are concentrated in the leaves of plants and allows plants to harvest energy from sunlight, a process called photosynthesis. Pigments in the chloroplasts absorb sunlight and use this energy to combine carbon dioxide and water to make glucose and oxygen. The complete reaction is:

Plant cells can use this process to manufacture glucose, a simple sugar. Some of the glucose is used immediately for cellular respiration, where it is converted to a high energy compound called ATP. You might recall from studies of the cell, that the process of creating ATP occurs in the mitochondria. Glucose that is not used right away is packaged as carbohydrates or fats and then stored in the roots, seeds, and fruits. All autotrophs can make their own food in this way, unlike heterotrophs, which must consume food. When you eat a potato, you are eating the carbohydrates that the plant created from sunlight.

Sun & Energy = yellow

Carbon Dioxide = red

Water = light blue

Photosynthesis = green

Respiration = purple

Glucose = dark blue

Storage Products = brown

ATP = orange

Oxygen = pink

  1. What two types of cells contain chloroplasts? ___________________________________________
  2. Autotrophs, like plants, make their own food using energy from ____________________________________
    This process is called ___________________________________
  3. How do heterotrophs obtain their energy? ____________________________________
  4. What are the reactants (raw materials) for photosynthesis? ____________________________
  5. What simple sugar is produced? ______________________________
  6. What gas is used in the process? ______________ What gas is released? ________________
  7. Where are most photosynthetic cells in plants found? _________________________
  8. What compound can be made from glucose and serves as long term energy storage? ________________________

The Structure of the Chloroplast

Chloroplasts are double membrane organelles found in plant cells. Color and the outer membrane light green. Color the inner membrane brown.

Thylakoids contain chlorophyll and other pigments (red, orange, yellow, brown) and are found in stacks called grana. Color the thylakoids dark green , then highlight the stacks of grana with yellow.

These stacks are connected to other stacks by channels called lamellae. Color the lamella orange. Grana are surrounded by a gel-like material called stroma.Color the stroma blue.

9. Thylakoids form stacks called ____________________. These are connected to each other by ___________________.

The following equation shows how animals (heterotrophs) use glucose to create energy for the cell, a process called CELLULAR RESPIRATION, which occurs in the mitochondria.

10. Where does cellular respiration occur in the cell? ____________________________________
11. Compare the equation for photosynthesis to the equation for cellular respiration. How are they similar?
12. Chloroplasts convert energy from the sun into _____________________________________
The mitochondria use glucose to produce energy in the form of __________.

14 Best Of Gallery Of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

14 Best Of Gallery Of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet – All these types of web pages can also be looked higher than specific web web-sites. Simply just look with your favourite glimpse motor and then choose the web-site that suitable satisfies your needs!

Inside of circumstance, oneself are interested in printable it, your self can look on the websites and inevitably will get a broader quantity of internet sites which display blank and ready-to-be-filled it. All oneself need to have is a computer system and a printer.

synthesis Poster 2D Model for 6 8th Grade a Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

Printable webpages are the most important resource with the little one can categorical his ideas, intellect and perceptions inside innovative route. If your tiny a single is interested by means of Disney characters this kind of as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or Tinker Bell, your self can selectively get in direction of print Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet upon this specific theme. This may perhaps lead to the movement of encounter within an productive path. Within just no period, your very little one will be capable in direction of explain to red against velvet and all the various blues and veggies.

synthesis Coloring Page Sketch Coloring Page of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

As a result the future period you move wanting for a contemporary kids sport for your small one, why not switch on your laptop or computer and print a handful of printable Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet for your little one. There are a ton of techniques inside of which oneself can Deliver your children the printable coloring sheets. The styles and shades will continue to keep him hectic and his mind occupied in just generating the great hire of hues and drawings. Some internet internet websites as well include articles, guidelines and strategies upon getting the specifically shades when coloring Individuals pages. Your self can simply find 1000’s of webpages toward get versus upon the web. That is made up of positive influences on growing capabilities of kids.

synthesis Coloring Page Printable Sketch Coloring Page in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

Inside modern global children and small children often require innovative components within acquire to investigate out their imaginative electricity. It preserve include things like the children’s inside of a rewarding path and it is the lead to of comfort for the parents that their small children are mastering just about anything profitable and useful. Children particularly delight in cartoons, therefore far better path towards have interaction them than to consider coloring sheets of their favorite cartoon characters. A person such direction to keep youngsters busy is indulging them into the artwork of coloring web pages. They don’t consider a great deal ink either so oneself can come across the relevance is there all the route around. This is an productive direction towards motivate the mothers and fathers in direction of establish the beneficial behavior inside of the little ones. Skills including hand and eye coordination, idea of shades and picture being familiar with is produced with printable coloration web pages. It might not be suitable nonetheless they typically can not find the money for little one treatment or it is difficult in direction of discover somebody toward check out the children hence they can choose treatment of aspects.

synthesis Diagrams Worksheet a Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

On the internet printable coloring book despite the fact that can be abruptly offered at the reception table. The just factor to take is that it gets not possible toward uncover the least complicated printable web pages which on your own are looking above internet. Kids appear at colours within a full new way unlike older people who incorporate started using the alternate shades of hues for granted. So coloring internet pages are far more than the enjoyment. By yourself you should not require the youngsters to be bored at your house. Printing out the web pages whilst allows them in direction of constantly purchase what they want.
Colors fascinate kids. Lots of knowledgeable places of work get care of small children. Towards maintain the children engaged go forward invest in the printer, incorporate world-wide-web relationship and appear for on line printable coloring internet pages.

Therefore, cost-free printable coloring pages for young children are something mothers and fathers are wanting into Quite really. As soon as youngster shift for online look he will be effectively mindful with technological innovation earth and its benefits. 1 of the major advantages of Those people printable coloring internet pages aside towards being amazingly Wonderful direction of passing year is that they are carefully no cost. Aside against that they on top of that enable youngsters in the direction of convey their creativity during the use of colours. If oneself are on the lookout for a visualize of a pilgrim toward crank out a craft against, appear for Thanksgiving pages and retain the services of the consider as a specialist.

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Consider of the coloring web pages that by yourself do not incorporate in direction of invest in for your kid. As soon as the drawings are printed he can take them along toward his room or to some other part of the household that pleases him.

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Absolutely free printable coloring webpages for kids are a perfect direction of partaking them at the time yourself never have to have them toward move and engage in outdoors. Yourself can both consider affected person coloring sheets or on your own can bind alongside one another identical coloring sheets thus that they kind a tale.

One of the other superior variables relating to such absolutely free printable Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet pages for kids is that they are accessible on a range of topics. There can be loads of styles of coloring pages earlier mentioned net which includes the Disney pages or the Spiderman’s or any other cartoon character’s. On your own can additionally try out in the course of Google appear shots option to track down several of desirable pictures which would be relished by means of young children also. These printable coloring sheets are amazingly very similar in direction of the coloring pages within just a coloring ebook unless of course that you have to have in direction of selectively print them against the Web employing your laptop or computer printer. They have a organic appeal in direction of all designs of shades. This world-wide-web website is, through much, the most straightforward tool oneself will come across for not only coloring webpages, nevertheless in addition for studying pursuits and crafts as well.

These kinds of functions nurture workers acquiring skills in between youngsters as they have a tendency to exertion inside of groups. For illustration, a person can efficiently obtain images on Xmas, Thanksgiving or Halloween for their young children. With every thing else altering as a result fast, I believe that it is rewarding towards continue to keep some things basically as they contain “always” been. They may possibly be equipped in the direction of appear the satisfaction and happiness of finishing an assignment and include exciting way too. If the present-day fashion is that of Ben 10 or the Extraordinary, oneself can effortlessly deliver countless numbers of printable coloring sheet primarily based merely on this sort of cartoon characters. All owing toward the popular and simply out there net. The other solution is accurately in the direction of design particularly what oneself are searching for into a appear motor and it will bring up appropriate pages in direction of just take it.

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With the arrival of pc, internet and printer it is simple toward arrive at on the internet printable coloring web pages. Characters together with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Poo, and Scooby Doo are relatively popular involving children.
Your self can furthermore choose pictures based upon festivals or unique circumstances based upon your faith or society. Basic path towards just take the targets in just informative words that present them the coloring written content that causes the creativeness of youngsters. That’s why they may perhaps abandon that coloring reserve with princesses or vehicles days as soon as your self acquire it. Moreover the emergence of net consists of generated possible to discover this sort of webpages for totally free.

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Net is made use of in direction of track down the free printable coloring pages of your requirement.
Cartoon people are likely in direction of always tumble inside and out of design and style. They are a suitable route in the direction of order the small children with each other and engage them within a entertaining loaded and mastering experience.

Cost-free printable coloring web pages for small children are a rather positive direction of unleashing the creativity inside youngsters at a very minimal age. This website web page will surely assist inside of that area!

The ideal component concerning Thanks giving coloring pages and other holiday vacation coloring web pages is that not just can they be colored and exhibited, but they can too serve as templates for other crafts. Or he can purchase the prints the moment he is carried out with the artwork on-line. What pleases on your own a lot more? The youngster who is satisfied and busy or the just one who is generally complaining of not starting to be the things he needs to coloration. Also, they Deliver education toward little ones and Deliver them a sense of how in the direction of use helps them occur a Wonderful understanding of arts which assists them later on on in just their life.

As a result hold looking for this kind of cost-free printable coloring internet pages for children on the net and fill their life with colour, joy and pleasure. It is Pretty no work and your youngster will beam both of those right before and just after the truth.

614 best biology images on Pinterest in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

There are hence innumerable on-line printable coloring web pages that your self can contain a blast advertising them to your children. Maximum children change what they would together with in the direction of coloration at times. The least complicated aspect is that All those pages are Pretty simple on the pocket and virtually all people can test them. Companies which includes Disney and Pixar are employing this probability towards promote their cartoon people involving youngsters. If your self you should not have a printer at residence oneself can at times seek the services of people at the local library to print the coloring internet pages for a amazingly very little fee.

synthesis Coloring Pages in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

Cellular Respiration synthesis Coloring Sheet a Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Colouring Sheet – Farming Friends of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Page Sketch Coloring Page in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

However, it is not basically at house that they arrive within handy. Coloring expertise is effectively the instructive recreation. Furthermore, moms and dads get pleasure from toward view their boy or girl preoccupied inside of these creative activities. Of system, that is my opinion!
This is one more fantastic net web site with a prosperity of content that you can hire such as Thanksgiving coloring and craft suggestions. All one desires in the direction of gift their young children People best toys is a laptop or computer with web relationship and a printer.

Aside from the earlier mentioned benefits there are a number of other positive aspects of applying free of charge printable Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet internet pages for young children. They demonstrate a exceptional awareness towards acquiring this sort of behavior in just their small children. Individuals web pages can be obtained on every single and every sort of subject. Those people web pages support acquire a feel of coordination and develop their selection and emphasis at a extremely early age. One of the least complicated factors more than All those printable pages is that yourself can obtain them for cost-free. No more trouble in direction of select the retail store, shift there and attempt obtaining the favored cartoon character of your baby. Probably yourself will not contain young children of your private but you always consist of pals and loved ones that arrive more than with their more youthful types.
By yourself can print these web pages within just sets of five or ten and provide them towards your little one towards coloration. All oneself need in direction of do is go to some web-sites and get started printing.

One, the most loved animated characters are not normally readily available for sale. Mothers and fathers can way too try offline elements which include bookshops which deliver a bunch of this sort of guides ingesting coloration pages within. He is all via himself to experiment and understand. In this article are some of my utmost favourite internet websites.

Not simply just does this website have lots of Thanksgiving coloring web site printables, nonetheless they in addition provide coloring internet pages for other holiday seasons as properly as some Wonderful craft tips for your self towards retain the services of year-round. After the coloring pages of your or your children’s final decision looks on the computer system observe, on your own can simply click the “Print” management and print the web page on your printer. Your self only have towards choose them posted
This sort of internet sites are basic toward locate on the internet and they provide the baby with a opportunity in direction of take a look at his creativeness. On your own can locate holiday internet pages in just many places on the World wide web that are free of charge for obtain instantly towards your printer.

Do yourself need some recommendations for web internet websites that oneself can transfer towards thus you can find Thanksgiving colour internet pages? Well, I feel I can aid on your own. Plenty of consider that teaching across the curriculum (incorporating all issue elements into a lesson plan) is a superb direction towards guidance a baby find out. Include crayons and other materials upon hand for them and they will feel very welcome within your property.

These days optimum properties include a printer upon hand and that produces it prompt and uncomplicated to hire on the web printable coloring web pages. This will deliver enjoyment to oneself once oneself check out how your kid contains provided the visual appeal towards the printable coloring web pages. That will eliminate the stress and anxiety for young children as they be reluctant. Being a father or mother your self include in the direction of discover year in the direction of buy all the coloring stuff however if your self transfer on the net there is a treasure of coloring web sites that await yourself. Consequently, free printable coloring pages for small children is a exceptionally productive and cheap route towards engage your small children in a fruit filling game that will not simply just be enjoyment but will as well support create their motor expertise such as hand – eye coordination.

Sometimes you incorporate in the direction of take a look at even further than a single store toward discover the coloring e-book of your child’s decision. Make it possible for them in direction of opt for some coloring sheets that oneself can print for them. Style “coloring pages” or any key word with Coloring sheets including Disney coloring pages into any key search motor and on your own would watch tens of millions of glance results offering printable it.

You can find countless clip arts with slightest variations still with alternative subject things either, thus there is a proceeding course of action of preparing, acquiring and working with of these university clip arts through a large amount of us citizens. The minuscule effort and hard work it normally takes toward compile an on need coloring reserve is well worth the smile on your kid’s lips.

No cost coloring-page considerably serving to by yourself to inculcate your youngsters more than different things their names, colors as nicely as colors. There are also moms and dads that incorporate in the direction of convey their kids along with them for business office. It too allows the moms and dads to be equipped to communicate with other adults and not have hence numerous distractions. In just truth of the matter, your self may perhaps feel Terrific in excess of writing a listing of best websites exactly where different on-line printable coloring internet pages can be identified. They moreover incorporate handful of other parts of their net website that focus upon other vacations like Cinco De Mayo and Kwanzaa.

synthesis Chloroplast Structure and Function leaf of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Page at GetColorings a Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Poster 2D Model for 6 8th Grade a Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Page Sketch Coloring Page of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Page Printable Sketch Coloring Page in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Diagrams Worksheet a Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

614 best biology images on Pinterest in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Page Sketch Coloring Page of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Pages in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

Cellular Respiration synthesis Coloring Sheet a Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Colouring Sheet – Farming Friends of Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Page Sketch Coloring Page in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

synthesis Coloring Worksheet Coloring Pages in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

Nature Coloring Pages &amp Printables in Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet

With a good deal and a lot of Thanksgiving webpages as well as other holiday vacation internet pages and supplies for academics and property education and learning mother and father, this is a suitable net web site to locate aid with all kinds of subjects versus art in direction of history in direction of geography. As a college trainer, I am Very acquainted with countless locations that consist of totally free printables. Apart versus becoming a pleasurable loaded match they furthermore support kids develop their experience above these types of festivals. If oneself are a college teacher or exactly a busy mother or father, Thanksgiving color web pages can be a lifesaver Whilst your self are on the lookout for a route toward hold your boy or girl busy for a sure period of year. They jump around towards one theme or a single fixed of people in the direction of the following. Occasionally on line printable coloring internet pages can be presented for instructive themes, vacations, or even Photosynthesis Coloring Sheet.

The quantity of them that are readily available assures that kids of diverse ages can identify a thing that they would be content with.

Coloring Photosynthesis Electron Transport Chain Beautiful Science Biology Cells Images Animal Worksheet Plant

This photosynthesis diagrams worksheet worksheet is suitable for grade. help young botanists get to the root of photosynthesis with this series of worksheets. by completing these diagrams, learners demonstrate their understanding of the biological structures and chemical reactions that make this amazing process possible.

Displaying top worksheets found for illuminating photosynthesis. some of the worksheets for this concept are illuminating photosynthesis work answers, photosynthesis quiz, photosynthesis review work, national center for case study teaching in science killing, photosynthesis diagrams work, photosynthesis starts with work answers, photosynthesis concept map answer key, chapter.

La photosynthesis worksheet science worksheets. Photosynthesis cellular respiration worksheet 1 2 teaching biology. Profile. Fig 4 photosynthetic electron transport chain photosynthesis electrons. Mitochondrion cellular respiration diagram worksheet biology classroom teaching. Photosynthesis worksheet google. Teach photosynthesis tree leaf model freebie teaching biology plant science.

Show/hide words to know

Carboxylase: a type of protein that is good at attaching to a specific molecule arrangement: a carbon atom connected to two oxygen atoms, one of which is connected to a hydrogen atom.

Chlorophyll: the pigment that gives plants their green color and allows them to absorb sunlight. more

Chloroplast: a part of a cell found in plants that converts light energy into energy plants can use (sugar). Other living organisms such as algae also have cells that contain chloroplasts.

Enzyme: a protein that changes the speed of chemical reactions.

Evaporate: the act of a non-boiling liquid becoming a gas.

Photosynthesis: a set of chain reactions that convert light energy into chemical energy. Photosynthesis also produces energy-rich carbohydrates like starch. Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplast of a plant cell. more

RuBisCo: a protein important for plants to be able to pull carbon dioxide out of the air and convert it into sugar.

Stomata: tiny openings in the leaves of plants.

Thylakoid: the disk-shaped parts of a plant cell where light-dependent reactions occur. more

Photosynthesis Coloring Page

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Teaching Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration with Hands-On Activities

What other two topics during the year frighten the students (and sometimes the teacher) more than photosynthesis and cell respiration? These two units really can be daunting. They don’t lend themselves to a lot of fun activities and often the teacher feels stuck listing chemical reactions on a powerpoint, using vocabulary that might as well be in Cantonese. Oxidation-reduction reactions? Phosphofructokinase? RuBisCO? Pyruvate? These words really mean less than nothing to the average 14-18 year old. What are some ways we can make this unit more approachable, more fun, and more useful in promoting the general understanding of how life works?

As a teacher, there are a few things to decide as you approach this unit:

  1. How much detail do you show them and how much detail do you expect them to remember?

How much detail you go into is up to you, but when teachers only show the bare minimum, I think fewer students understand the processes. If you just show them a mysterious blackbox called “glycolysis”, tell them that glucose and NAD+ go in, and pyruvate and ATP and NADH comes out, students can only memorize this short fact list. Meaningless.

My strategy to help students appreciate these processes and actually UNDERSTAND them instead of memorize a reaction is to show them some details, but only ask questions about the main ideas.

For example, I do show them all the steps of glycolysis, but I really won’t ask them more than the net reaction and a few key facts. I do want them to be able to follow the carbon atoms in a diagram from glucose all the way to carbon dioxide. I do want them to know that energy is needed in the first few steps to “kickstart” the reactions, because this helps them understand thermodynamics and kinetics later when they take chemistry/physics. I do want them to know that every reaction is catalyzed by a unique enzyme, because the enzyme pathway concept is all throughout biology. Will they need to memorize the difference between glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate and dihydroxyacetone phosphate? No way. The key is for them to UNDERSTAND, not to memorize.

I always say that if teaching something is boring to me, it is going to be really boring to my students. If I am having fun, fun is contagious and they will too! There are a bunch of ways to deliver information to students and in my classroom, I find PowerPoint to be the least effective and the most boring, especially in this unit and especially with lower level students.

Here are a few ways I like to help my students learn in these two units:

A. Animations, animations, animations! Animations really do work wonders in helping students understand and really see any process in biology and especially these processes. Here is a brief list of the best photosynthesis and cell respiration animations I have found on the web (These work as of January 15, 2016).

Another light reactions animation – the intro music is quite eery and students are usually entertained:


B. Diagrams! Good diagrams are so important for a multitude of reasons. First, they can contain the information students need to know. Second, by examining diagrams, students learn how to interpret complex diagrams. Interpreting diagrams is a reading skill that is important in many career fields. It’s great if you can get a good diagram for students to keep in their notebooks, one that isn’t too complex yet not too simple. Which leads me to the next topic…

C. Hands-on Activities! I always wished when I was teaching that I had some sort of hands-on activity, some interactive materials for my students to use while they learned about photosynthesis and respiration. So I created some! In these activities, students create their own diagram for each process: Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle, Oxidative Phosphorylation, Light Reactions, and Light Independent Reactions (Calvin Cycle).

Each of these activities was designed to allow students to color or cut-and-paste while they read a 2 page reading and answer some questions. The activity leads them through each step and question the order in which they complete the reading and activity makes each process really more approachable. Here are some unique features of this set:

Geological evidence on the origin of photosynthesis

The advent of photosynthesis is known from geological studies to be a very ancient event. The earliest evidence for biological carbon fixation was dated to 3.8 billion years ago (or Giga-annum, Ga) [5, 6] from the isotopic composition of sedimentary rocks. The best known fossil evidence of the earliest photosynthetic forms of life has been dated to 3.5 Ga and was found to contain filamentous cellular structures [7, 8]. From their morphology alone, Schopf and co-workers [7, 8] proposed that these structures were oxygen-evolving cyanobacteria. This finding is significant in that it suggests that photosynthetic organisms were the earliest forms of life on Earth and that oxygen-evolving photosynthesis started in the early Archean age [9]. The finding remains controversial, however, because it is difficult to determine cell physiology on the basis of the shape of the structures in ancient microfossils. More recently, Brasier et al. [10] challenged the early interpretation of the microfossils by suggesting (using data from electron microscopy, digital imaging and Raman spectroscopy) that the structures were in fact artifacts of amorphous graphite. However, emerging geochemical studies [11, 12] seem to have reconfirmed the biogenic nature of the microfossils and thus reversed the conclusion of Brasier et al. [10].

Despite the controversies surrounding the 3.5 Ga fossils, there are some other microfossils thought to be cyanobacteria that are more likely to be genuine, the oldest of which were dated to 2.6-2.7 Ga by more reliable biomarkers [13, 14]. This timing is significant because it predates slightly the early rise of oxygen on Earth, which was about 2.3 Ga [15–17]. Recently, Tice and Lowe [1] showed additional evidence of photosynthetic carbon fixation by filamentous microbial mats found in 3.4 Ga cherts (flint-like sedimentary rocks) in completely anoxic environments. Their geochemical analysis further ruled out the possibility that the primary electron donor for the carbon fixation could be H2O (as used by plants), Fe 2+ or H2S. Instead, the primary electron source for this type of photosynthesis is most likely to have been hydrogen, which was abundant in the atmosphere in the early Archean age. The result is consistent with the view that the early photosynthesis was most likely to have been carried out by anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria rather than cyanobacteria.

Activities for learning about photosynthesis for kids

Here are some of our printable resources for helping your child learn more about photosynthesis.

Activity #1: As mentioned, one of the reasons that photosynthesis is so important to all life on earth, is that it is found at the bottom of all food chains and food webs. Producers rely on photosynthesis to create their own food. Print our Food Chain activity sheet and cut out the life forms. Then choose a few to create your own food chain. Be sure to label the producers, consumers, and decomposers!

Activity #2: We’ve described the process that a plant goes through to produce its own food. Print our Photosynthesis Process worksheet and label the steps that take place during photosynthesis.

Activity #3: Be a scientist and explore photosynthesis with an experiment. Download our Photosynthesis Experiment pages and follow the directions. Use whatever materials you can find at home.

Inspired to get more hands-on learning with plants? Turn this unit into a bigger lesson with this guide to starting a garden at your school!

Biology 2

This second course in the biology sequence has a theme of: How is Life Interrelated? Students will explore the unity and diversity of life through the study of evolution by natural selection. The structure and replication of DNA along with protein synthesis will be examined. The interdependence of all living things will be explored with emphasis on ecological processes and human impact on the biosphere. The processes of photosynthesis and respiration will be introduced. These topics will be presented through
numerous laboratory activities, lectures and discussions and will emphasize process and thinking skills. The Missouri Biology End of Course Assessment is given at the conclusion of this course.

This is a TENTATIVE schedule of homework and class activities.

Go to the Parkway Clever. Go to the Pearson app. Use your Novell login. The password is Welcome.

Unless otherwise noted, homework is due the next class meeting.