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Plant Leaf Types

Plant Leaf Types

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Thorny leaves: protection for the plant


There are several types of leaves in nature's vegetables and each one plays an important role for the plant. These sheets are classified according to their function.


They are embryonic leaves of seeds and play an important role in the process of embryo nutrition.


They are leaves that have the protective function for stem buds. In many plant species, these leaves have stored nutrients. These leaves are found in garlic and also in onion.


They are present in some species of vines and also in vines. It has the function of fixing the plant in a support.


The leaves with thorns serve to provide protection to the plant. They are stunted and common in cacti, whose thorns reduce the area, thus preventing water loss.

Insectivorous leaves

This type of leaf is present in carnivorous plants. The leaves have a shape and structure that can catch and digest insects and other small animals (rats, frogs, lizards and arachnids). Generally, these leaves produce prey-attracting substances, as well as others that provide the ability to digest the captured animals, removing from them the nutrients needed for plant development.