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Milk: Excellent Source of Calcium

Which is

It is no exaggeration to say that among mineral salts, calcium is the most widely used mineral within the human body.

Functions and importance

This important mineral has important functions such as acting on the structural formation of bones and teeth.

In addition, it acts along with vitamin K in the circulatory system, helping in blood clotting.

Calcium is also of great importance in establishing balance along with phosphorus.

It acts by influencing the action of the yeast and coordinates the actions of sodium and potassium in the muscle contraction of the heart.

In addition to all these functions already mentioned, it is important to know that calcium acts in other organic functions important to the balance of the human body.

It is found in the following sources:

- Milk and its derivatives

- Watercress

- Lettuce

- Oats

- Salsa

- Celery

- Beet

- Sweet potato

- Broccoli

- Onion

- Cabbage

- Spinach

- Orange

- corn


Calcium deficiency in the body leads to rickets (deformation of lower limb bones) during development and osteomalacia in adulthood.